Tunbridge Wells Chess Congress

9th - 10th June 2018
Myself, Henry and Suriya crossed the border into Kent to play in probably the best run weekend tournament outside of Sussex.

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The venue is a fine Edwardian building owned by the Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club with a spacious and airy playing area and a comfy sofa to rest on between rounds.

Even so I made myself known to the controllers making an objection on behalf of Suriya for the fact that he was given black in all three of his Saturday games. After receiving the explanation that 3 of the 4 players on 0/2 had played two blacks my objection was overruled and I was threatened with being given two blacks myself on Sunday.

I did think for a moment on Sunday morning that their threat to me was real when I was given my 3rd black in round 4.

As it turned out we all had a reasonable result with myself gaining 2½/5 in the Open Section with Henry and Suriya scoring 2½ and 2 respectively in the Minor Section which despite its name was very strong.

Here are a few endgame puzzles from my games.
White is playing up the board in all cases.

Round 3; White - Henry Cove Black David Fryer

White to play - his Rook is under attack. Where should he move it to?

Round 4; White Cristian Ilinca Black David Fryer

Black to play - what is the winning move?

Round 5; White David Fryer Black John Bennett

White to play is clearly winning but how can he close out the game immediately.

Unfortunately I missed this chance but a few checks later I did find the solution to the next puzzle.

Same question.

SOLUTIONS to follow shortly.