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SOLUTIONS - British Chess Championship 2017

Puzzle 1

we start off with a fairly straightford puzzle.

The game finished with 31.Rxe5! dxe5 32.Rc8 and the black bishop is won.

Puzzle 2

a variation on the classic Bxh7+ sacrifice

18.Bxh7+ Nxh7 19.Nxh7 winning as if 19...Kxh7 20.Rh3+ Kg8 21.Qh5 mates.

Puzzle 3

43.Qxg4?? fails as after 43...hxg4 this pawn is a monster e.g. 44.Ne2 Re8 45.Rf2 g3 46.Rg2 Re4 and the g pawn cannot be captured as 47.Nxg3 is met with 47...Rg4!

and if 43.Qb7?? as played in the game then 43...Bf8 (Be5 is even better) 44.Nd5 Qd1+ 45.Ka2 Qxc2 and it is impossible to find a good move for white. e.g. 46.Qb5 trying to prevent Qa4+ while still stopping g3+ is met by 46...a6!!

So the only way of staying in the game is the clever 43.Nd5 when after 43...Qxe4 44.Nf6+ Kh8 45.Nxe4 black is still better but white can play on with some hope of salvaging a draw.

Foley vs Fryer Solution
1. Nc5+ Bxc5 2. Bxc5 Kf6 (if Nxc5 3.Rd6+ Nxd6 4. Rxd6#) 3. Rd6+ Nxd6
4. Rxd6+ Kg5 5.Be3+ Kh5 6. g4#