Variables (cont.)
New features in Version 2018.10

Independence Factor is the independence between home and away results.
If set to 100% then for example an away result will have no affect on any expected future home performance.
If set to 0% then home and away are full dependent so any home result affects the home and away performance.
At 75% for example a home win will increase the home rating by more than the away rating.

New features in Version 2019.01

Bookmaker Knowledge is a measure of how much bookmaker knowledge alters future team ratings if proven correct.
Enter 0 for no affect and 30 for the maximum allowed affect.

Forecast Tab is a presentation of the expected season's performance for each team.
A Monte Carlo forecast for 100 scenarios of the final season tables is performed based on past results and current team ratings with the teams ranked accordingly.
After making alterations to the spreadsheet press F9 to update these tables.

Wiggle Room seen in version 2019.01.10 is a new variable to allow the spreadsheet to modify the Longshot variables depending upon the margin of confidence. Enter 0% for no Wiggle Room and upto 100% for varying levels of Wiggle Room.
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