Variables (cont.)
New features in Versions 2018.4 to 2018.9

Draw No Bet Insurance on the Data Entry Tab the system automatically enters Y if DNB is recommended for the match. The level of stake required on the draw is shown and cost or return of insurance will be recorded automatically.

Holiday Exclusion Period if the results are unpredictable at holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year an exclusion period can be added with From and To dates added on the header page. Between and including these dates no predictions will be made. This is also useful if you yourself are taking a vacation and cannot place any bets.

Rating Adjustments two options to adjust ratings during the season are available.

For the global effect enter the new ratings on the Adjust page and indicate which Round these ratings are to be Reset from on the Header page.

For simple +/- changes enter the adjustment in the appropriate team and round number on the Adjust page. This is useful if a team for example goes into administration and lose a number of key players.

Home Away Factor enter a rating difference on the Header page to set the difference between Home and Away ratings at the beginning of the season. The default will retain the rating difference from the previous season.
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