All variables are initially set to a recommended default.

Stake is the maximum amount to risk per game. Typically recommended stakes will be 50% of this amount. This allows you to match OddsPredictor to suit your pocket. Alternatively you may wish to stake less on the lower leagues as bookmakers can sometimes cap these bets to as low as 50 per game.

Rating Factor is the maximum rating change that can occur from one game to the next. So for example if the team's success is expected to be t% and the team wins then the team's rating will increase by (100-h)% of the R Factor.

Bonus is the amount added to the rating change for victories by more than 2.5 goals.

Draw Factor and Draw Change Factor is the average draw % for the league and weighting towards the draw % for individual teams. The individual percentage for each match is calculated from the rating difference of the teams, number of draws achieved by each team and the D and DC Factors. Alternatively if Bookmakers odds have been entered and the Bookmaker Draw Flag has been designated as 'Book' then the expected draw % will be based upon the bookmakers odds.

H-A Factor resets for the start of the season the difference in ratings for Home and Away games. Enter -1 to ignore this factor.

Ind Factor is the independence between home and away results. 100% fully independent.
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