All the odds shown on our spreadsheets were offered at the time published by real bookmakers but the only way to be absolutely certain of the veracity of the OddsPredictor system is to bet real money in real time.

It is the future that is important not the past. Past results posted here are interesting but ultimately of no value. So start tracking our predictions and make small bets on your bookmaker of choice and see for yourself whether we are successful or not.

It is noticeable that on the Minor Leagues when a bet is placed the odds immediately fall - not by enough usually to be significant - but do keep a careful eye on the odds before placing your bet.

It is strongly recommended as with any gambling to keep a strict record of your profit and losses in order to avoid the pitfall of deceiving yourself by remembering the wins but not those pesky losses. Also of course never gamble more than you can afford to lose. The bookmakers are notorious for not making it easy to see your losses and they will never disclose statistics on the percentage of their customers that are profitable.
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Pip says keep a record of your profit & losses