E.g. Same example as previously but lets make Match 1 true odds = 62%

Equal bets give us;
(200 x 62%) + (200 x 40%) = 204 i.e. a 4 profit

A double gives us;
(800 x 62% x 40%) = 198.40 i.e a loss of 1.60

So do not be tempted by the mirage of large 'profits' offered by accumulators.

Back to main topic and the question is OddsPredictor beating the bookmakers?

I can show the past and current results and even reports from verification sites as well as all the statistical analysis in the world however these all depend on bets being placed correctly and consistently at the odds stated and there is only one sure way of knowing whether this is possible or not and that is by placing real live bets with real bookmakers.

You will have noticed that I mention no bookmakers nor verification sites nor even links to football result sites. This is deliberate as all without fail have numerous adverts for casino type betting sites. I am not sure I even approve of sports betting adverts especially where you are bombarded with 'great offers' all designed to part the unwary from their hard earned cash and whisk it away to some faraway tax haven.

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