OddsPredictor is a project to see if it's possible to get the better of bookmakers.

Sports gambling should be treated like adding chili sauce to a meal - totally unnecessary but it spices things up nicely in small doses but put too much on and your dinner is ruined.

With regard to fixed odds betting it is proven impossible to win without extreme luck and even then the temptation is to continue playing and to ultimately lose your shirt.

No one should play the online casino games or the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) in the bookmakers where the bookmaker even determines the outcome of the supposed 'random' spin.

The UK is the only country in the world where FOBT are available in the High Street and we applaud the reduction of the maximum bet on these machines to 2.

It probably would make no difference to gamblers but bookmakers should be obliged to give the statistics on how many of their customers are winners.

Accumulator sports betting is another pitfall for the unwary and hence heavily promoted by bookmakers with the friendly sounding 'acca' adverts.
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