OddsPredictor is a personal web site for amusement only.

The idea arose from an interest in sports gambling combined with playing competitive chess where players are rated according to past results.

With bookmakers' odds offered on football matches influenced by non statistical factors such as the level of betting by fans which in turn is influenced by popularity of teams and fanatical optimism, it would be expected that opportunities would arise to take advantage of these factors.

Alternatively a pure statistical view such as calculated by OddsPredictor may miss changes to teams such as key player injuries, new signings, a new manager or the resting of players due to an upcoming important European or Cup match. The OddsPredictor spreadsheets allow you to add adjustments to teams ratings for such known events.

The big question of course is whether the OddsPredictor model is profitable or not?

The problem is that if such a model was successful then others would be using the same principals and this would influence the odds and given the margin taken by the bookmakers the system would by definition be unprofitable.

We could discuss early market betting but these are usually unavailable to the general public and so the conclusion is that you must be lucky to win and that is reflected in this system where by setting the variables as you see fit everyone can create their own predictions. GOOD LUCK.
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