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White - Fryer,David

Black - [Removed to protect the innocent]

Weekend Open: Atkins Aberystwyth (Round 2), 26.07.2014

Please do not not try this at home!

1.e4 c5 Always get your Queen out early 2.Qh5

2...e6 3.f4  Move 'Freddie' as soon as possible

3...Nf6 4.Qf3 Nc6 5.c3 d5 6.d3 d4 7.g4 e5 8.f5 h6 9.h4

If you can't think what to do always move pawns on the edge of the board

9...b6 10.g5 hxg5 11.hxg5

Always recapture with pawns if possible to avoid the unnecessary development of pieces

11...Rxh1 12.Qxh1

In the opening it is very important to keep all your pieces on the 1st rank

12...Ng4 13.Qh3

If you must move a piece always try to move the Queen

13...Ne3 14.Bxe3
this game is very instructive of the principal 'avoid moving bishops and knights in the opening' and if you do make sure they are captured straight away

15.Qxe3 Bb7 16.Nd2

keep knights back as much as possible

16...Qc7 17.0-0-0 0-0-0 18.Kc2?

This really was a bad move - I was following the rule of always moving your king immediately after castling but he should have gone to b1 - an aberration on my part that nearly ruined all my good work that had gone before

[18...Nd4+ 19.Kb1 luckily doesn't achieve anything] 19.Nh3
Knights belong on the rim

19...b5 20.Kb1

always make sure you triangulate your king early in the game in order to lose a move


20...Qb6 21.Nf2 a5 22.Ng4 Ba6 23.Rc1
this is the correct way to castle queenside

23...b4 24.c4 a4 25.Nf3

when you are being attacked on one side of the board try to move your pieces towards the other side

25...Qc7 26.Qf2 Bc8 27.Qc2 b3 28.axb3

28...Nb4 29.Qc3 axb3 30.Qxb3 g6 31.Ne3

31...Bb7 32.f6 Rd6 33.Nc2 Rb6 34.Nxb4 Rxb4 35.Qc3

35...Bd6 36.Kc2 Bc6 37.b3 Bd7 38.Be2
move 38 is about the right time to get all your pieces out

38...Kc8 39.Rh1 Be6 40.Qa1

Queens and rooks belong in the corners and should try to visit as many as possible during the game

40...Qb7 41.Nd2 Rb6 42.Rh8+ Kc7 43.Ra8
After visiting all four corners this rook is ready to attack the king.


My opponent resigned here a bit early in my opinion as 44...Qc6 struggles on for a little while despite the engines rating the position as +5. The game might of continued 43... Qc6 44.Qa5 Kd7 45.Nf3

with the idea of b4 eg 45...Bc7 46.b4 Rxb4 47.Nxe5+ Bxe5 48.Qd8#