WTA Tennis 2019
OddsPredictor for tennis is being tested and the BETA version is available for download.

Only covers the WTA season and is subject to changes and updates.

No predictions will be tracked as these may change as updates are made to the spreadsheet.

One of the issues with the TennisPredictor is that with hundreds of players and thousands of matches the spreadsheet is a massive 11mb and the calculations are therefore switched to manual.

So if you make any changes you will need to Press F9 to recalculate.


Press F9 to re-calculate - be warned the spreadsheet is 12MB to download - no macros included

Ver 1.3 Results are proving problematic with losses currently being experienced. It is almost as if we are selecting matches that do not conform to expected outcomes based on past performance and may instead be subject to specialist knowledge such as injuries. Therefore added a Reverse Logic parameter that can selected.

Ver 1.4 A number of improvements including a graphic analysis of Profit by Tournament.

Ver 2.0 Major update with change to how the Rating factor is calculated.

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