Review of 2018-19 Season
As the 2018-19 season draws to a close it is time for a review. Season 2018-19.

During the year we added several new variables such as Knowledge and Wiggle Room as well as updating the Forecast Tab for the final season Promotion and Relegation spots.

The analysis of the results by Success Rate for different Rating Differences and comparing these to the forecast in Graph form was also a new feature.

The Profit for the Season was up at 3,261 (LY 2,487) being a 7.0% return (LY 3.6%) though this is still below our target of 10%. It is this benchmark that we are using to indicate whether the OddsPredictor system is a success or just a lucky guessing game.

We were most consistent in the UK Major Leagues (+809) though most profitable in the Minor Leagues (+2,220).

Room for improvement is evident in the European Leagues (+232) where a profit was delivered only in La Liga.

October was a poor period with the losses incurred taking until January to recover.

Go here for a list of how all the English Teams performed showing their opening and closing rankings.

Go to Previous Seasons Review.

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