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The Excel Spreadsheets can be downloaded for free. Files contain no macros.

Enter the results on the Poster Tab and the Group Tables will update automatically.

The spreadsheets include a forecast likelihood for Group Winners as well as Outright Winner and Runner-Up taking into account the results entered on the Poster Tab.

This forecast is calculated using a Monte Carlo method that runs the simulation 'n' times and counts the different outcomes.

The higher 'n' is the greater the accuracy of the forecast but the slower the calculation.

You will need Excel installed and ensure that you open as your first spreadsheet to retain the default Excel Options especially the Formula calculation option 'Automatic except for Data Tables' otherwise the spreadsheet may operate slowly.

Press F9 to recalculate these Data Tables;
with n=100 it takes about 2 seconds.
with n=1000 it takes about 20 seconds.
with n=10000 it takes about 200 seconds.

You can also adjust the variables in the Data and Settings Tabs.