OddsPredictor works by rating each team.
After each game the teams have a rating gain or rating loss based upon a statistical table.
OddsPredictor looks for better odds on either the home or away result from our bookmaker of choice and recommends to bet or not and level of stake.

Poster Tab - enter results and bookmaker's odds on this page.
Forecast Tab - view the forecast results.
Match Predictions Tab - view the recommended stakes and predicted teams for each match.
Outright Predictions Tab - view predictions for the winner of the Groups and overall championship.
Settings Tab - guide as to how the predictor is performing and the place to change the user variables.
Data  Tab  - entry of team names, ratings and fair play points.

There is no need to complete the spreadsheets manually simply download the latest version.

OddsPredictor guides you as to how much to stake.
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