What's On This Week

First of all Welcome to all our new members who have joined in the past few weeks from Worthing.

New members if they have not already done so should login to their Lichess Account, goto our team page https://lichess.org/team/crowborough-chess-club

Click the Join button, and most importantly answer the mate in one question. We will then admit you into the team.

As well as permitting you to play in our Lichess tournaments this will also allow us to message the Lichess usernames directly with reminders on forthcoming events.


  • Wednesday 28th October at 6:00pm Variant Chess – Racing Kings this week for Adults and Juniors.
  • https://lichess.org/tournament/1xAJSg2o
  • Thursday 29th October at 5:30pm – Dave Graham continues his HOW TO series on Zoom with the ambitious title of ‘How To Beat the World Champion’
  • https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402 aimed at our Under 1600 ratings though all are welcome.
  • Thursday 29th October Worthing Invitational tournament - join in after the training at about 6:00pm or if not attending the training from 5:15pm.
  • https://lichess.org/tournament/d1ltNMYJ  Adult and Juniors welcome.
  • Thursday 29th October at 7:00pm it is the Sussex Team Battle for all members Adult and Juniors.
  • https://lichess.org/tournament/FNfJOYJH
  • Friday 30th October at 6:30pm it is our regular Club Night Arena for Adults and Juniors.
  • https://lichess.org/tournament/ZrT2P5gP
  • Saturday 31st October at 2:00pm we have accepted a challenge from the Aspire Chess Club of India. This is an event for Adults and Juniors.
  • https://lichess.org/tournament/z2Q9fZnQ earlier time than usual due to clocks going back and fitting in with a reasonable time in India of 7:30pm.
  • Sunday 1st November at 1:00pm it is real chess for a team of five against the East Grinstead Bookshop.

In addition all the online events above will be accompanied by a Zoom meeting on https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402