Monday 20th July is International Chess Day

Here is a note from Alex Holowczak (ECF Junior Director)

Monday 20th July is International Chess Day

You may be aware that an England Juniors team exists on Lichess to your county members: https://lichess.org/team/england-juniors

It is open to all ECF members, English or otherwise. I am running events every Thursday at 6pm, but on Monday, 20th July, I am also running a chess variants day - a series of 8 arenas (one for every variant option on Lichess); each lasting 45 minutes. They start at 9am and finish at 4:45pm. Some of the children in your team may want to dip in and out throughout the day, so I'd be grateful if you point those interested in that direction.

If any player in the Crowborough team wishes to play in the English Juniors team then please do so.

The first variant is Antichess starting at 9am and runs all day until 4pm