Newsletter 5th July 2020

UK Chess Mega-Final
Good luck to everyone taking part this weekend in the Mega-Finals.


Saturday 4th July, 10am - BOYS Under 10s MEGAFINAL 2
Saturday 4th July, 10am - GIRLS Under 10s MEGAFINAL 2
Saturday 4th July,   2pm - BOYS Under 8s MEGAFINAL 2
Saturday 4th July,   2pm - GIRLS Under 8s MEGAFINAL 2

Sunday 5th July, 10am - MIXED Under 14s MEGAFINAL 2
Sunday 5th July, 10am - MIXED Under 18s MEGAFINAL 2
Sunday 5th July,   2pm - BOYS Under 12s MEGAFINAL 2
Sunday 5th July,   2pm - GIRLS Under 12s MEGAFINAL 2

As promised I will post a list of our qualifiers from this Mega-Final and the ones played a couple of weekends ago.

International Friendly

We had our first ever victory in an International largely thanks to a strong performance by ArchiePawn and a fine score from TM9261 who finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the individual top scores.

Also of note was a rapid 2 wins in the last minutes by the Chess_Feminist.
Friday Night Club

A good turnout on Friday where we returned to our single Arena format.
Won for the first time by an adult and old friend of mine from the now defunct Crawley Chess Club with for this week only the appropriate name of Worldnumber1.

We also welcomed a few new members to the club including Siressea who has returned from university and is now living in Crowborough. Siressea was joined by another new member Ddigyi in the Zoom meeting and somehow survived an evening of noisy banter.

From next week we are having guest hosts on Zoom to give me a rest so when you ring the bell in the waiting room it will be Lordsushi who lets you in.

David Howell Talk, Q&A and Simul

Was a successful event two weeks ago and David scored an impressive 20 Wins 2 Draws and zero Losses as well as giving an excellent incite into the world of the professional chess player.

This event was recorded and I have split it into six manageable parts that you can watch on Youtube.
  1. Intro and Pattern Recognition
  2. Opening Preparation
  3. Calculation and Q&A
  4. Simul - Opening
  5. Simul - Middlegame
  6. Simul - Endgame

To meet our privacy guidelines participants faces are not shown and the event is only available by direct link and is not searchable on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy it.

David Fryer