Online News

Great afternoon of Chess on Saturday where we came a very creditable 3rd in the Worldwide Junior Division B just missing out on promotion back to the A Division.

The highlight was the victory by Henry over the top seed Erow 2352 - never underestimate the Traxler Counter Attack.

Top scorers for Crowborough were;

1 OJS09 1839 26
2 CaptainBen1 1800 22
3 HLS20 1963 21
4 ArchiePawn 2072 20
5 Tocs 1593 18
6 WhiteKnightSV 1717 17
7 FrodwiseBaggee 1505 16
8 Chess_Feminist 1447 15
9 moksha1327 1543 14
10 Horses4839 1632 12

Well played everyone.

Friday was a busy day with many of our players competing in the Sussex Junior Chess 1st Online event a marathon 5 hours was needed to complete the 5 round swiss tournament.

The U18 Major was exceptionally strong with 3 players graded over 180 competing. Arjun was our top scorer coming 2nd= on 4/5 followed by Henry Shaw 3½, Elena Currah 3, Ben Crosby 2½, Oliver Stockham 2½, Thomas Martin 2, Benedict Weis 2, Raina Jithendra2, Peter Crosby 1.

In the U18 Minor our top scorer was Rafe Chapman on 3/5 followed by Lucy Hopkirk while in the Under 11 Major Hugo Wibberley scored 3 and Risha Jithendra pocketed 2 points while Sorcha took 1½ points home in the Under 11 Minor.

Then in the evening we all started again for the regular Friday Night Club on Lichess which Arjun won in a romp with Suriya Velayudham 2nd. I will post the overall scores on the Online Tab.

Alongside these and other events we run Zoom Rooms where players can chat inbetween games with eachother and myself and Jonathan. These are becoming very popular with Lucy keeping us on our toes testing our knowledge of countries and capitals while Sorcha this week was visiting the zoo.

My highlight of the week though was in the Monday Zoom Class when young Gregory and Aidan were scoring the opening moves of a match between Henry and Arjun based on the opening principles that I had just taught them. The distress and howls of protest as Arjun was quite rightly given 0/10 for b6 could be heard halfway across Sussex.

Other news included Palitha Konara retaining his KO Blitz title and 7 of us trying to understand the Racing Kings in our regular Crazy Tuesday slot. Kit Blades did relatively best with Thomas Martin runner-up and Doglet claimed the wooden spoon which probably means he was the best chess player.

And no Henry no one is interested in my 4 blunders.