Friday Night Chess Club

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our Series 1 Online chess tournament.

We will be starting Series 2 this Friday 17th April at 6:30pm with adults joining in at 7:30pm

I will change the scoring system for the juniors to 20 pts for 1st place 19-18-17 etc.

Everyone starts back at 0 and please only play under ONE username.

I will be messaging players I don't know to ask privately their real name. I know most of your aliases but just a few I am not sure of.

Winner to be accounced after 5 Fridays.

Series 1 full results

Top Boys
  1. Archie Pawn
  2. CaptainBen1
  3. TM9261
  4. The_Pawn_Storm
  5. BennyWeis
  6. OJS09

Top Girls

  1. Chess_Feminist
  2. FredBob507
  3. Jithu_99
  4. MissElenaChess
  5. AmelieRees
  6. CuteButterfly

Top Adults

  1. CrowChess
  2. Solebanana
  3. KrossKris
  4. Palkon2020
  5. Simpkind
  6. Grisenj