Online Chess Club

Friday 20th March 2020

Remember to join the fun online – Juniors start 6:30pm Adults join in at 7:30pm

Many of you are already members of LICHESS but those who are not should join beforehand at Lichess.org its simple and free you just need an active email address.

Once you are a member follow this link and join the fun

https://lichess.org/tournament/1crBjpAO password is CCC

You can join and leave at anytime and the time control is the usual 10 minutes + 5 seconds a move. You can play as many games as you wish with the final result announced at 9:30pm.

BESERK mode (less time but extra points) is allowed for the players wanting a faster game.

Virtual Trophies can be won !

For the more Adventurous

This part is not necessary to play chess in the tournament

In order to speak and hear others while playing on LICHESS as well as the option to see my screen download the DISCORDAPP which is a free voice and text chat app.

Works on your mobile, your laptop or desktop.

For slicker and less wifi intensive download the app rather than running it through your browser.

Follow this link to join our club. https://discord.gg/yWJC2A4

You should see on the left of the screen something like this bar

If you are coming back to the app you may not see the Crowborough Chess Club badge – if that is the case press the + symbol and choose join a server.

Use code yWJC2A4 you may also need my hashtag CrowChess#9878

Click on the Crowborough Chess Club badge and you will be in the classroom – if I am LIVE streaming click on my name with LIVE in red and white and you should then be able to see my computer screen and talk and listen.

Use the buttons at the bottom to mute and unmute.

I will start LIVE streaming at 6pm to welcome you all to the club.

If you have problems check your window settings first you may not have permitted the app to access your speaker or microphone – but most of the time it will just work.

Otherwise feel free to call me on my mobile. 07919 402315