We can all still play chess on Fridays.

If you have not already done so Register an account with LICHESS.ORG simple to do you just need an email address.

Best to choose an anonymous name for example I am CROWCHESS and when not playing in our tournaments go to settings and turn on KID MODE to stop any inappropriate chat.

Every Friday we will be running an Online Tournament between 6:30pm – 9:30pm but could I ask adults to not start playing until 7:30pm.

A Link will appear on our website simply click and Join the tournament – password is CCC – you can join and pause and join again for as long as you wish until tournament ends. Pairings are automatic.

Time Control will be 10 minutes + 5 seconds a move but we will allow you to go BERSERK which means your time control will change to 5 minutes with no increment and in return you will score DOUBLE points.

Virtual Trophies for the winners!

Please email with your Username so that at least I know who is who and I can keep an eye on any unknown entrants.

I will keep and publish on our web site a running Grand Prix type scoreboard and maybe publish some best games.

Have fun. Please be polite in any chat.