CoronaVirus Update

We will be opening the Chess Club up as usual tonight Friday 13th March though I will be cleaning all the boards, sets and clocks before and after the club.

However it will be perfectly understandable if you do not wish to come due to concerns over the virus. Also if you or your children have any symptoms or are feeling in anyway unwell please do not attend.

Online Tournament

To this end we have set up on LICHESS an online Tournament starting at 6:30pm. Password = CCC

This will be a trial run and something if successful that we can run each week so that everyone can still play even if not attending in person.

You will need to have joined LICHESS and created an account which is completely free. Do not use your real name as your username. I am CROWCHESS for example.

Later today you should find the Crowborough tournament listed for starting at 6:30pm simply choose to join and after entering the password CCC you should be automatically paired at 6:30pm.

You can join and leave at anytime and the time control is the usual 10 minutes + 5 seconds a move. You can play as many games as you wish with the final result announced at 9:30pm.

Might be an idea to text me with your real and user name so that at least I know who is who.


We do have scheduled an adult 1st Team Match tonight vs Eastbourne and as we will be cleaning the sets etc ready for the match the partition will be closed separating Meeting Rooms 2 & 3.

We also have a junior match away at Collyers College in Horsham and they have informed me that the college is open and will be welcoming teams to the school.

However this might be updated as advice is changing daily.