UK Chess Challenge Qualifier

For the past 9 weeks we have been playing the qualifier matches for the UK Chess Challenge.

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Overall Result;

Winner – Henry Shaw

Second= – Daniel Longley

Second= – Oliver Stockham

Fourth and Top Girl – Lucy Hopkirk

Under 11 Result;

Winner of Regency Chess Board - Oliver Stockham

Second - Hugo Wibberley

Third and Top Girl - Lucy Lai

Qualification for the Mega-Final was by;
  • Score a minimum of 15 points
  • Highest Scoring boy and girl in each year group
  • Players in age groups U12-U18
  • Nominated Wildcard by controller for exceptional performance

Age groups as at midnight on 31st August 2019

List of qualifiers and method of qualification;

  • Henry Shaw Top Under 16
  • Benedict Weis U16
  • Daniel Longley Top Under 15
  • Thomas Martin Top Under 14=
  • Elliott Hookway Top Under 14=
  • Benjamin Pearce Top Under 13
  • Suriya Velayudham U13
  • Lucy Hopkirk Top Under 12 Girl
  • Rafe Chapman Top Under 12 Boy
  • Dylan Gould U12
  • Isabella Hull U12
  • Ben Hammond U12
  • Joel Cottington U12
  • Oliver Stockham Top Under 11 Boy
  • Hugo Wibberley 15+ Points
  • Lucy Lai Top U11 Girl
  • Jack Lai Wildcard
  • Gabriel Wedge Top Under 10 Boy
  • Risha Jithendra Top Under 10 Girl
  • Sorcha Chapman Top Under 9 Girl
  • Louis Wibberley Top Under 9 Boy
  • Harry Bending Top Under 8 Boy
  • Seha Konara Top Under 8 Girl
  • Gregory DaCosta Top Under 7 Boy

If not on the list please talk to me as it may be a bit too early for some of the younger ones to play in the Mega-Final as it can be very daunting.