Lewes vs Crowborough Rapidplay

Our youth team achieved a hard fought draw away at Lewes last nght.

It took 1½ hours for the first game to finish as all four games went into endgames.

Thomas after achieving a half norm and 160+ performance at the weekend went into his game all guns blazing but misplaced a piece in the middlegame and despite multiple pins could not retain his material equality. However the endgame was unclear but efficiently executed by Austin.

Raina shortly after equalised the score, nicely converting a strong pin from her bishop into the full point.

The other two games were finely poised with non of the players giving any quarter.

Ben was next to finish when he neutralised his opponent's edge by liquidating down leaving Henry with an impotent force of King, wrong coloured Bishop and Rook Pawn.

So with the score at 1½-1½ all eyes turned to board 3 where Daniel and Jacob were fighting out a Rook, Knight and 3 pawns each endgame. With both their clocks ticking down to below 2 minutes unexpected complications occurred and in the flurry of subsequent moves I suspect both players missed wins. With seconds left the last pawns went and with two bare kings facing each other the players shook hands.

A good match fitting of a top of the table clash - well played everyone.