MSCL KO Cup Quarter-Final

Crowborough 1st Team go through against Horsham to face Sussex University in the Semi-Final.

In a closely contested match Chris was the first to finish taking half a point off his higher rated opponent.

With a win and a loss on the top two boards the match was finely poised at 1½-1½ and all focus moved to boards 4 & 5.

Ben was playing a same coloured bishop ending and with great technique converted the point. This gave us the match win on tiebreak at which point Jonathan visibly relaxed on board 5 and graciously conceded his losing endgame position without forcing his opponent to play it out.


Home Horsham
Crowborough Away
1 (B) 180A
Higgs, Anthony RJ 0 - 1 Fryer, David W 170A
2 (W) 163C
Harbott, Peter 1 - 0 Lawrance, Jon AN 155B
3 (B) 145C
Warren, Nick ½ - ½ Dunn, Chris C 129C
4 (W) 127A
Barrowclough, Richard 0 - 1 Crosby, Ben 119A
5 (B) 126A
Denning, Julie L 1 - 0 Grisenthwaite, Jonathan C 095E

0 - ½

Average 149
2½ - 3 Average 134