Juniors show the way

Crowborough vs Horsham 2nd November 2018

Following a disappointing first league result by the Seniors on Wednesday going down 3-2 away at the Argumentatives the juniors played a home match against Horsham another Sussex club with a thriving junior section.

The result was 4-0 though the score does not reflect the closeness of the match exemplified by Henry on top board playing against Paul Fabian going over 100 moves.

Following a very level Rook and Pawn ending Henry exchanged rooks transitioning into a King and Pawn game that although still drawn was strewn with danger.  

Thomas ended his captains curse and won a fine game by not castling too early. Suriya played an opening line that he had recently been practising while Theo on board 4 extended his winning streak for the team to five.

Thank you to Horsham for a well contested match played in good spirit.

2nd November 2018

1 100
Henry shaw
Paul Fabian

2 96
Thomas Martin
Harry Yip

3 91
Suriya Velayudham
1 -
0 Campbell Robertson

4 65
Theo Hall
1 -
0 Kyle Fabian

Av: 88