Crowborough vs Brighton Result

A brave fight was put up by our Rapidplay team against an inspired and on the night a better Brighton team.

Despite some strong play and plenty of effort we were unfortunately on the end of a 0-4 defeat.

  Crowborough       Brighton & Hove  
1 96 Shaw, Henry 0 - 1 Rayment, James L -
2 71 Seddon, Evie 0 - 1 Blades, Kit 70
3 74 Kendall, Maxwell 0 - 1 Rayment, Ruby 43
4 67 Chapman, Rafe 0 - 1 Kadri, Zeki -
Av: 77   0   4   57

Thank you to all four players for their efforts.

Evie was unlucky to meet an improving opponent who had recently faced the London System and was well prepped to meet Evie's threats. Unfortunately her knight got caught on the edge of the board and this turned the game in Kit's favour.

Rafe had similar knight trouble with both his steeds landing up on edge of the board on a4 and a5. His opponent in the meantime launched a well supported attack on the otherside where Rafe was outgunned.

Maxwell stepped in at very late notice and was the unluckiest of all playing a long game where his opponent Ruby seemed determined to swap off pieces at every opportunity. The key moment was in the Queen + 5 Pawns each endgame when Maxwell was tempted by Qa1+ picking up two of Ruby's outside pawns at the cost of one central d pawn. Unfortunately Ruby's pawn got home quicker than Maxwell's.

Henry was the last to finish and was playing Ruby's dad who had to step in due to as many of his players being on holiday as we had missing for this postponed match.

Congratulations to Lewes who we believe are now champions just ahed of us on game difference.

Lewes played 6 won 3 drew 2 lost 1
Crowborough played 6 won 4 lost 2