Rapidplay Team Wins

Congratulations to the Crowborough Rapidplay team who won their match last night against a very competive team from Horsham.

Thomas Martin started the evening by comprehensively winning the Easter Egg challenge and as captain lead the line playing against Horsham's top player but could not prevent Ben Crosby taking home the point.

Suriya Velayudham played a very exciting game even though it started out as an exchange French Defence. The game went with Suriya as white 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Nf3 c5 5.c4 !? and after much excitement and great play by both sides Suriya came away with the victory.

Theo Hall continued his winning ways winning a game with a sneaky threat that his opponent missed and has now scored 4/4 for the team. Well done Theo.

The last game to finish was Henry's which was a very long and interesting tussle. His opponent Peter Crosby swapped off all the Bishop's leaving Henry with two sets of double pawns and of course a number of semi-open files. It was the a file that Henry launched an attack down landing up with his queen very precariously placed on a7. Peter trapped the queen only for Henry to find a clever knight sacrifice to save her majesty. However rather inexplicably Henry then blundered her away with a very poor move.

But the game was not over and Henry dug in and in the endgame with Knight +4 Pawns vs Rook +3 Pawns Henry created a fortress type position and the game finished with honours shared.

Well done everybody and we now go into the last game of the season against Brighton as league leaders.

23rd March 2018

1 102
Thomas Martin
Ben Crosby
2 96
Henry Shaw
Peter Crosby
3 99
Suriya Velayudham
1 -
0 Paul Fabian
4 63
Theo Hall
1 -
0 Harry Yip
Av: 90