Rapid Play team win away at Lewes

6th February 2018

  Lewes       Crowborough  
1 107
Henry Adams
- 1 Henry Shaw
2 111
Jacob Wynn
- 0
Thomas Martin
3 56
Luke Brooks
0 - 1 Evie Seddon
4 20
George Brooks
0 - 1 Theo Hall
Av: 74
  1   3   83
Our team of four juniors travelled to Lewes for  a MSCL Rapid match on Tuesday night.

In a fine display of attacking chess the Crowborough team gained revenge for the 0-4 drubbing in the home fixture and came out victors 3-1 in a thrilling match that takes Crowborough to the top of the league just ahead of Lewes.

Henry won the toss and chose to play black which I had assumed was because I had recently lent him a book on 'how to play the open games as black' but was apparently for deep tactical reasons.

Theo was the first to finish and despite being materially down pounced upon his opponents slight lack of development and finished with a nice fork of a loose piece and a checkmate.

Theo was most disconcerted that he had finished before the refreshments had arrived but no need to worry Theo, I didn't let your diet coke go to waste.

Our Henry had a tough game against Lewes's very own Henry and chose to defend against the Spanish with a Berlin defence. When white played quietly with d3 black switched to a type of Marshall Gambit with d5. Good play by white won a whole piece but undeterred black continued his kingside attack, sacrificed another piece and with his queen on h3 caused complete havoc finally mating the white king on h4.

I did not see much of Thomas's game but it looked like Jacob played extremely well defending against Thomas's pressure and finally converted a small material advantage.

This left the score at 2-1 to Crowborough with the match result dependant upon Evie's game. Unconcerned by the pressure and enjoying the lengthy time control Evie ignored her oponnent's demolition of her queenside pawns and played strongly on the kingside. Luke unfortunately missed a discovered attack on his queen and with a move similar to Theo's, Evie used a threat of checkmate and the weakness of a loose piece to close out the game.