UK Chess Challenge Mega-Final

Just a reminder that the MEGA-FINAL is this weekend all junior members are recommended to enter


after registering on the above link here are the age group tournaments on Lichess

Saturday 20th June
Girls Under 12s MEGAFINAL - 10am lichess.org/swiss/bvZhoqj1
Boys Under 12s MEGAFINAL - 10am lichess.org/swiss/GPt7YQui
Mixed Under 14s MEGAFINAL - 2pm lichess.org/swiss/wBM9CxuT
Mixed Under 18s MEGAFINAL - 2pm lichess.org/swiss/i9ytJqJ6

Sunday 21st June

Girls Under 8s MEGAFINAL - 10am lichess.org/swiss/48lqbbp9
Boys Under 8s MEGAFINAL - 10am lichess.org/swiss/ga7H1wyu
Girls Under 10s MEGAFINAL - 2pm lichess.org/swiss/ifgFl4Ak
Boys Under 10s MEGAFINAL - 2pm lichess.org/swiss/piVDO9Eo

Also watch this very short video


After you finish playing in the Mega-final do not forget our Worldwide Junior event at 4:00pm Saturday


and of course on Sunday we have the David Howell Q&A and Simul at 2:00pm.

So Lots of chess this weekend enjoy